Divao. Own Your ID.

Divao ID is a one-of-a-kind ID verification service that puts your privacy first. Divao certifies your personal information to help you identify with any online service - without storing any of your data!

How it works

1. Take a picture of your physical ID card and then take a selfie for biometric matching

Identity card

2. Get certified by Divao’s cutting-edge identity verification (we won’t store any of your info!)

Phone and certificate

3. Send Certified ID information to service provider directly from your device (P2P)

Service prodiver

Why Divao?



  • Prove identity with Certified ID rather than personal data
  • Protect your privacy by controlling what information to share
  • Prevent data leakage by storing personal data on personal device
  • Verify once, use anywhere
Service provider

Service Providers

  • Know your customer (KYC) with confidence
  • Reduce onboarding cost and time
  • Reduce application drop-offs
  • Minimize security risks and burden of data storage

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