Easy & Secure SSO

Divao’s passwordless single sign-on (SSO) is convenient for users and simple for service providers to integrate. Service providers can offload the time and effort in providing secure member logins, while increasing user onborading and login rates.

How it works

1. User enters email or phone number

Enter email

2. Divao sends message to the email address or phone number

Send message

3. Once the user clicks the magic link in the message, Divao issues secure token to the user and they are signed into your service.

Logged in

Why Divao?



  • Convenient sign-up
  • Secure sign-in
  • No password management
  • Control over privacy
  • Verify once, use anywhere
Service provider

Service Providers

  • Seamless sign-up
  • Fast customer on-boarding
  • Easy integration with little development
  • Minimized security risks and burden of data storage

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