Got CivicTech?

Divao aims to build a CivicTech toolbox with a focus on public discourse, group decision-making, and civic collaboration. If you are a civic organization looking for tech tool support, contact us! With decades of combined corporate experience, our product team welcomes partnership.

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What is in the Divao Toolbox?

Divao has built a few tools we think would be useful in civic engagement, but we are just getting started. Contact us if you have any CivicTech needs.

On-location Opinion Collection

Collaborating with Neighborhood Innovation Lab, this tool let people give opinions about public spaces through scanning an QR code.

Preference Voting

Instead of picking one option out of many, show your preference for each option. Using the Schultz method, our voting tool allows for much more nuanced decision-making and results ranking.

Passwordless Login

This decentralized tool allows users to login without a password and without giving out any of your personal data. Learn more.

ID Validation

Validate people’s identity card online - also useful for voting.

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