Our Story

We are geeks who grew up with the web and witnessed how it evolved from peer-to-peer ideal where individuals were empowered, to being dominated by a few services where the individuals are the products.

We want to help revive the original promise of the Internet. Identity privacy and protection are the cornerstones to that, because when you think about it, a lot of ills in the Internet stems from how we've lost control of our personal data. Our data is captured, often without our knowledge, to be stored in centralised servers where it’s shared, sold, leaked, hacked, ad-targeted, or so personalised we are trapped in a myriad of echo chambers.

At Divao, we want to help people take back the Internet, one identity at a time.

Our Founding Team


Alice Lo

CEO & Co-founder

User Experience Director. Cross-platform digital strategist. Veteran of Microsoft, Amazon, HSBC, Cathay Pacific.


Goran Karlic

CTO & Co-founder

Polymath Software Engineer. Consultant to CTOs at multiple major global banks. Assistant lecturer at WHU. Co-author of upcoming textbook “Build Your Own Blockchain: A Practical Guide to DLT”.


Angus Chiu

COO & Co-founder

Ex-IBM Solution Architect specialised in AI chatbot & blockchain. Civic tech evangelist. Lecturer of “Cryptocurrency and Tokenized Economy” at the Hong Kong Community College.

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